Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Destruction of the family

Good, free, book online:

The Garbage Generation:The consequences of the destruction of the two-parent family and the need to stabilize it by strengthening its weakest link, the father's role

The mother's role is given to her by nature, but the father's role is given to him by civilisation. Or, rather, when society gives men a sure, guaranteed role as fathers, then we get civilisation.

Feminism made it its goal from the very beginning to destroy the nuclear family because it regarded it as 'patriarchal oppression of women'. Of course, ever since it started to succeed in the '60s (given a big push by the introduction of the pill), young women have become more depressed than ever, and many young men are more aimless and de-motivated than ever.

Humans with brains the same as ours have been around for at least 100,000 years (and probably more like 200,000) yet it is only in the last 5,000- 10,000 years that we start to see rapid progress and civilisation. Why? This question is actually a very important one. That we have been around so long before we started making any proper progress should be astonishing to any intelligent person who thinks about it.

The reason is what is called 'Patriarchy': the creation of societies that started to create farms (then villages, towns and cities), had the concept of property, and gave men a role as fathers at the head of families. As soon as this happened you see an explosion of Human development. It allowed Humanity to advance by doing something different to that of the animal kingdom: motivating men to use their muscles and minds to create progress. This is a very delicate situation, and can be ruined quite easily and quickly. If you want to see what a society is like without this 'patriarchy', take a look at much of Africa, or at the single mother ghettos of the West. Miserable women working, aimless men - often sitting around drinking or doing drugs all day, crime, mental illness, poverty, disease, sexual licentiousness etc.

In other words: feminists have aimed to destroy the backbone of civilisation and return us to the state of animals.

Quote from the book:

"Society wants males to earn money. It is the labor of males which creates the prosperity of society, as the poverty of the surviving Stone Age societies, the ghettos, and the Indian reservations amply shows. There is one way, and only one, of motivating males to earn that money, and that is to make them heads of families."

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