Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An update on feminist activities online

I'm not really that involved with the online sex wars so much these days. Partially because I just don't have the time, but also because I got bored with the forums etc. However, I'm still interested in the ideas themselves, or, rather, I can't help but get angry when I hear or see some new BS. Once you are attuned to it, you can't ignore it.

A few little blips have popped-up on my radar in recent months.

There seems to be greater hysteria than ever about rape. We seem to be hearing about it more and more, and there is ever greater drama and social-media screaming whenever anyone suggests that one type of rape (e.g. violent) might just be worse than other (e.g. a woman has already had sex with a man before, and goes to bed with him, but then changes her mind but doesn't really say anything). To anyone with any common sense left (an ever diminishing breed) this might seem perplexing. After all, surely most crimes are made worse by the presence of violence? For example, would you not see any difference between a burglary and a burglary that also involved a violent attack? To say that the burglary with a violent attack was worse is not to deny that the one without wasn't still a violation. So why can't feminists admit that there are degrees of severity with rape? Well I think the reason is because they have spent so much effort over the years in pushing less severe and more dubious instances of sex where the consent is ambiguous or regretted AFTERWARDS that they are scared that their whole project could come falling down if sufficiently challenged. Hence the hysteria.

Also, its worth repeating that time and time again when it comes to the issue of various forms of 'attack' (e.g. threats) against women, the women themselves have often been unmasked as faking the attacks to gain attention etc. Also these feminists desperately WANT attacks on themselves. It fuels them and validates their whole philosophy. They crave being victims. 

And that brings me on to another thing thats come to my attention: the emergence of the 'Social Justice Warrior'. This annoying breed essentially haunts the web looking to 'spread awareness' of some form or other of politically correct cause. Notice that they don't typically DO anything to help people. The environmental ones aren't out cleaning up rubbish, inventing more efficient solar panels, or de-toxifying lakes. They are just on the web telling everyone else how bad they are to the environment. Same for the ones who spread 'awareness' of rape etc. Now of course there is a place for waking people up, or pointing out arguments that they hadn't thought about, but these Social Justice Warriors seem usually to have little in the way of reasoned argument that they wish to communicate, and they just want to repeat the same mantras over and over. I think its more about them gaining attention for themselves. It seems like a very teenagery thing to me.

Lastly, something called Gamergate has come to my attention. I don't know all the tiny details of it, but I read up a bit about it. Theres also a brief summary here: 

My take on it: the media are obsessed with making everything that involves women into a 'nasty evil men Vs poor innocent damsel in distress' story. In particular, they love using this tactic when they need to deflect attention (as in this case where they have been exposed for corruption). Similarly, there was recently an online scam whereby some company pretended to be hackers who were going to release naked photos of Emma Watson soon after she had given a feminist speech at the UN. The usual feminist newspaper commentators of course had a field day with this and didn't appear to do even the most basic journalistic fact-checking but instead rushed-in to claim this as an example of every form of female victimisation imaginable. Interestingly, even when the story was exposed as a scam (something which the journalists themselves should have done) some of the papers, like The Telegraph, STILL keep their stories up, and The Guardian acknowledged that it was a scam but still kept up the line that it was evidence of how feminists are intimidated (without even considering that Watson may never have taken naked photos, and hence would have known the whole thing was a scam). Just think about what this says about journalists from the 'big' papers these days. 

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