Saturday, May 04, 2013

An irony

Today in the men's changing rooms at my local swimming pool I looked up to see this poster:

Wow, I never knew that it was wrong to hit women and make them scared. No-one ever told me that. Thank God this poster appeared to let me know its wrong. 

Ironically at the very moment I was looking at it, there was music playing in the changing rooms, a song apparently called 'Bad boys' by Alexandra Burke. I'll give you a flavour of the lyrics by quoting the chorus:

Yeah the bad boys are always catching my eye
I said the bad boys are always spinning my mind
Even though I know they’re no good for me
It’s the risk I take for the chemistry
With the bad boys always catching my eye

How symbolic of whats going on in our societies at the moment: women are now given complete licence to do whatever they want, to make whatever choices they like, and not be blamed for the consequences. In fact, even worse, a large proportion of today's young women will reward the 'bad boys' with their attention and respect, yet blame the average man for the bad men's behaviour. Which is why even when I'm changing at the swimming pool I simultaneously have to see this ridiculous poster at the same time as the music rubs it in that women will find bad men more desirable than me. Not in spite of their lack of morals, but because of it.

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