Friday, December 28, 2012

Say goodbye to your country

Say goodbye to your country, By Angry Harry

"The ultimate aim is one world government - something that will almost certainly lead to wholesale misery right across the planet"

There are a number of forces pushing in the direction of (1) a weakening of the Western nations and their culture, and (2) a consolidation of power right across the globe.

I genuinely fear a global government as I think it would inevitably head towards the worst totalitarian regime imaginable. Indeed, once the global elite (top politicians, billionaires, those in control of the banks, etc) have control over the masses, I think we'd probably end up akin to cattle in a farm. 

There is a labyrinth of 'conspiracy theory' type material online on this subject, which you can get lost in. Its a bland comment, but I would judge that some of it is basically correct, but a lot of it isn't. What I would advice, rather, is a general vigilance, not to believe things at face value, especially information emanating from the mass media and governments. What most people don't realise is that the mass media is awash with information put out by corporations and organisations that have specific political agendas. Equally, due to financial pressures, even the major newspapers no longer seem to support investigative journalism as strongly as they did in the past. This is a weakening of a fail-safe mechanism that helped keep various powerful forces in check. All the more reason for us to become more vigilant and more enquiring as to what is happening in our countries.   

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