Sunday, November 18, 2012

Leftie journalist claims female teachers sleeping with male pupils shouldn't be punished as much as male teachers sleeping with female pupils

in my view, a male teacher sleeping with a girl pupil amounts to statutory rape, whereas a female teacher sleeping with a 15-year-old male is a far greyer moral area.

So much for equality. So much for protecting the young.

Time and time again we see female journalists like this one make excuses for imoral and criminal activity amongst women. As though simply possessing a vagina were some kind of universal 'get out of jail free' card.

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Chris Key said...

I'd like to know the logic behind her argument. If she's basing it on the belief that underage boys are better equipped than underage girls to say "no" then she doesn't have a clue.

Another possibility that comes to mind is she might think boys are less traumatised by the experience, or, not traumacised at all. If so then I think she's underestimating the fragility of adolescent boys' self-esteem. A boy would be heartbroken if an older women wowed him in for sex then dropped him like a hot potato.

Perhaps she is thinking about society's views on sexuality. A boy would be viewed as a stud by his peers, whereas a girl would be considered a slut. If this is what she's on about then I fail to see how women who have sex with minors should not be charged. The fact is these women leave their victims siring a child that they do not want, which will have an impact on them for the rest of their lives. Boys who've been taken by older women have been forced to pay child support for the children they sired to their perpetrators.