Monday, November 26, 2012

iPad mini

Long term readers will know that I bought an ipad when they were first released in 2010. At the time, most of us basically thought: I like it, but I'm not sure I know what I need it for. It was largely a luxury item (as opposed to the iphone, its more diminutive forerunner, which I use constantly wherever I am). The main reason for this, at least for me, is that its just a little bit too large and heavy to be truly portable. If you are commuting to work with a laptop and smartphone, there just doesn't seem to be the need to also take the ipad. Also, if I want to read on the train I will use my Kindle (way easier on the eyes than reading for extended periods on a backlit screen, and also less reflective glare), if I want to read emails or surf the web I will do so on my iphone, as its smaller screen means that fellow travellers are less likely to be superstitiously peeking at what I'm reading/writing! Equally, if I am travelling abroad, there is always pressure on the weight/volume of what I'm carrying, and, again, there seems to be only a weak case for burdening myself with the weight of the ipad if I already have a smartphone, laptop (and usually Kindle) with me. A couple of exceptions this are when I want to use an app to gain remote control of my desktop back at home (the larger screen is more practical for this than trying to do it on the iphone), and if I'm on a very long flight, the ability to play games and watch films on the ipad's larger screen is useful (both more comfy than the iphone's smaller screen, and helps me avoid draining down my iphone battery. Yes I could get a portable charger for the iphone, but still haven't found one I like). Given all this, the ipad essentially became what I would call a 'sofa-surfer' device for me: something to browse the web on whilst sitting at home.

But now the iPad mini has come along. I played with one the other week and instantly fell in love. Much smaller and lighter - therefore solving the problems I had with the original ipads - but whilst not having a dramatically smaller screen. I have ordered one and will post my thoughts when it arrives!

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