Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thought of the moment

Feminists are for abortion on the basis that it increases a woman's options in life (ie if she cant afford to bring up a baby it doesn't tie her down with one, it prevents her from being poor etc), and that its not good for teenagers or young women to be tied down with babies,,,,,

yet,,, feminists also support and even encourage single motherhood, which often has the effect of narrowing a woman's choices, tying her down, and increases the prevalence of teenage motherhood.

Not exactly consistent thinking is it?

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Chris Key said...

What pisses me off about the feminazis is their double standard on reproductive rights. If a man knocks up a woman by accident and doesn't want her to go through with the pregnancy then the feminazis say "tough" and then mock him by saying should have kept his cock in his pants.

So why don't they tell young women to stop leasing their cunts out to every "bad boy" that wants a temporary abode for his cock?

If a woman leases her cunt out to a bloke's cock and it leads to her getting knocked up then tough titties. Tell the feminazis to lease their cunts out to a tampon, vibrator or dildo if they don't awnt to get knocked up!