Saturday, July 23, 2011

More on Sharon Osbourne and male mutilation

Chris Key has been observant, and noticed the following:

"What we must remember is in June Sharon Osbourne commented about severing the penis of California's previous governor -- which is a penectomy, not castration -- and disposing of the organ down a garbage disposal unit.

The case involving Catherine Kieu Becker, which was performed a couple of weeks after Osbourne's comment about mutilating the previous governor's penis, was eerily similar to the hypothetical stated by Osbourne just a couple of weeks earlier.

The similarities between Osbourne's hypothetical penectomy on the ex-Governor and Catherine Kieu Becker's case suggests the latter may have drawn inspiration from the former. A reasonable person would have come to the conclusion.

Therefore, Osbourne's condonation of Catherine Kieu Becker's crime is highly repugnant and possibly criminal. If she has any tact then she would have retracted her statements about the hypothetical penectomy on the previous governor and denounced Catherine Kieu Becker. Her choice to condone the violence suggests she is either too stupid to realise how her comments can incite violence or was so indifferent to men's suffering that she didn't care if it led to more men getting hurt. That's why I think the bitch should be fired immediately and never allowed to work within the media."

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