Friday, July 22, 2011

CBS supports the idea that torture and mutilation of men is funny: 'The Talk' and Catherine Kieu Becker

This is a short and simple call to action. CBS Television recently aired an episode of The Talk about the Catherine Kieu Becker case,previously discussed here (trigger warning for the same topics). On this episode, the hosts glorified the event, mocking the victim and delighting in his torture, fantasizing about what he might have done to deserve it, and generally behaving in an incredibly repugnant and morally bankrupt manner.


This is a truly sickening example of how many women, and those in the rotten amoral sections of the media view men. Its not socially acceptable to laugh at the torture and mutilation of animals, children or women, so why should it be acceptable to do so when the victim is a man? This is truly medieval stuff. Utterly repugnant, and truly chilling to think this daytime TV show will have been seen by countless women, mothers and children, shaping their views on what is an acceptable way to look at torture victims.

If you have even the smallest scrap of human sympathy within you, just imagine for a minute it was you. Imagine you were drugged, tied up, tortured and mutilated. Imagine that you had a body part hacked off, then destroyed, so that even the doctors would not be able to re-attach it to you. Now, imagine whilst you were in the middle of this horror-film-like situation, your heart thumping hard with fear, so scared that you are almost about to pass out, someone tells you that when this attack is covered on daytime TV, the female hosts will LAUGH about it. It will be nothing but comedy fodder to them.

What kind of society would you think you live in? What kind of media would you think we have? And what kind of influence do you think this media is having on our children?

And men, just think that whilst you are out there during the daytime, working your butts off to earn a living, these sick TV hostesses are earning way way more than you, probably ten times your salary, to spread hatred against YOU. Because they are making it socially acceptable to view men as not worthy of human sympathy. You are just an object, to be smashed up and ripped appart for laughs. Don't make the mistake of thinking this is nothing to do with you.

Every time a TV show like this spreads man-hating messages to MILLIONS of women around the world, it will make your world just that little bit colder. Women will be less willing to be friendly to you. Women will laugh if you hurt yourself or if you are going through emotional turmoil. Women will be less likely to think twice at hurting you. Female doctors will be that little bit less concerned with your welfare. The female interviewer will be that little bit less likely to hire you. And so on.

Quite frankly, we need to start viewing people who find joy in the torture/mutilation of men in the same way as we view those who get off on child porn. And those who promote this on TV, in front of millions, are, in my view, WAY worse than those who just do this privately in their home. So, these women are worse than child-porn users. Yet they are enjoying a VERY comfortable, well-paid lifestyle.

So what are you going to do about it?

I suggest that you spread this message far and wide:

1. CBS supports laughing at torture and mutilation of men.
2. Stop watching CBS.
3. Stop buying products of companies who advertise during 'The Talk'
4. Email CBS and their advertisers to explain 1 to 3

Where should you spread the message? As a starter, the following groups need to become fully aware of it (use forums, emails, twitter, social-networking sites, phone-calls, any channels possible):

1. Charities such as Amnesty international who campaign against torture
2. Religious groups
3. Groups that campaign against TV being bad influence on children
4. Mothers groups (mothers of boys especially should take note).
5. Any websites or groups that are heavily male: e.g. groups into cars, computers, gadgets, politics and so on.
6. Groups concerned with injured war veterans
7. War veterans
8. Groups concerned with the victims of crime
9. Fathers rights groups
10. Your friends, family and co-workers

Show how the issue is directly related to them, and how they must act against CBS and 'The Talk'.

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