Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stephen Fry: women only have sex with men to manipulate them

Stephen Fry has outraged feminists in an astonishing outburst where he claimed that women only use sex to manipulate men into having a relationship


Ping Jockey said...

...'Why would he believe that women could be so disgusted by men?...'

Gee, maybe by seeing how feminists/Western women have acted towards men for the last 40 to 50 years?
Or maybe by the hatred and misogny modern women vomit on men every day?
Or maybe by the way men are crapped on every day by the feminist-controlled media, government, and churches?
Other than that, I can't understand why!!

As for Fry being gay and the feminists criticizing that he would therefore not know anything about women -- well, sometimes, in order to see what is painfully obvious, you need an outside observer to point it out to you.
We heterosexual men could do well to pay attention to his observations.

Anonymous said...

I have wondered the same thing and see the same observations. Women always do have to "get" something material out of sex. Either money or security or something. If they get mad at you the first thing that they cut off is sex, this is for "something", its called "control". Women do use sex, men enjoy it. Women use the male sex drive to control men. They have no ethics and are manipulating creatures. I love women but this is all perfectly true, think about it ladies.