Sunday, December 27, 2009

More man-made global warming skepticism

One of the world's leading climate modelers has conceded that the Earth has not warmed for nearly a decade and that we are likely entering "one or even two decades during which temperatures will cool".

James Randi: some 32,000 scientists, 9,000 of them PhDs, have signed The Petition Project statement proclaiming that Man is not necessarily the chief cause of warming, that the phenomenon may not exist at all, and that, in any case, warming would not be disastrous.

The timeline of climategate


Anonymous said...

For a time I had lost you as Angry Harry had rearranged his links and I lost my portal to your site. Searching by Google was not as easy as you might hope as it did not produce this site. Eventually I knew I would find the site by accident which is what has just happened. I will bookmark now.

Darren said...

Welcome back!

Yes, I lost my old URL, which was very annoying.

If you know anyone who also used to read my blog, please let them know the new address.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that some MRA site are becoming more interested in the climate these days. Cool tools has always has a foothold in science but Angry Harry has certainly moved his emphasis more towards the climate in recent weeks.

I think there could be some very healthy reasons for this. It could be that some begin to see there are more 'issues' to think about other than just feminism. I also suspect that after so many years all that can be said about feminism probably has been said already.

I find is amusing that politicians, who as we know control the economy with precision, now seek to control the weather. So we have these modern day Cnut's seeking to command the climate. Strange times we live in.

Darren said...

Yes, I've been suspicious over the certainty of man-made global warming for years now. I can remember even back around 1990/1991, when I was a teenager, they were telling us that the sea levels would rise and start to create floods here in England within 10 years. Didn't happen.

However, I think the main reason that men's activists are now paying attention to this issue is that we can see what is behind it: the aim is to create a 'global problem' in order to create an excuse for global taxation.

Anonymous said...

I am no expert but the trouble is these people are always crying wolf. In the eighties we had a period of drought. Of course this was as a result of global warming. I well recall Normal Fowler who was in Margaret Thatcher's government saying that in 20 years time Southern England would have a climate like Spain. These predictions are always for 20 years ahead. Going back to the seventies the certain predictions where that the oil would run out in 20 years time. So its always certain doom but doom delayed.

I am not complacent. I can take a rational approach. To the best of my understanding there is nothing happening now that is out of the ordinary. Temperature may be fluctuating but temperature has always fluctuated. However, you are correct that taxes are always going up. Am I cynical in noticing that these 'essential' carbon taxes are arriving just in time as government finances collapse and the banks are in a deep hole?

Darren said...

There is also the fact that the environmental movement became taken over by hard-core socialists.