Friday, September 11, 2009

Bar girl bedded 200 men she met on the web

Bar girl bedded 200 men she met on the web

Many modern women (and men) see no problem with this. But what kind of problems is she storing up for herself in the future? I can't see how she can ever now fully emotionally commit herself to one man alone.

Also, its interesting how many of the commenters whine about 'double standards', yet....

How many of the men she slept with were expecting to become her boyfriend, yet then found out that she was onto the next man within days and doesn't want to see him again? If a man did that to hundreds of women, people would be calling him abusive and say he was using and manipulating women. Also, notice the number of people warning her of all the 'perverts' out there. Well, its not specified exactly what they mean by pervert, but isn't her own behaviour making HER a good candidate for that title?!


Anonymous said...

Look this was in The News of The World. So it should not be taken very seiously. The News of The World is just a gossip/sensation newspaper.

Darren said...

Oh its almost certainly not 100% factual, but my point is more about how people respond to the story.