Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thought of the day

A lot has been written about the so-called pay gap between men and women. Its regularly held up by feminists in a way that misleads the public into thinking theres a conspiracy to pay women less than men. Of course, they can never answer the following objection: if companies deliberately pay women less than men for the same work, why don't they ONLY employ women, save loads of money and bankrupt the competition? Why indeed. The reason is that there IS NO conspiracy to pay women less. Women, as a group, aren't getting paid less than men due to prejudice, but because of a whole range of factors, such as willingness to work overtime, travel long distances for work, work outside in the elements (wind, rain, snow, cold etc), and to work on tasks that are seen as arduous rather than fulfilling in their own right. However, I was thinking the other day that maybe there is another factor thats been overlooked: height. Its well known that tall men are viewed as more intelligent, capable and are - statistically speaking - more likely to gain promotions and to be hired in the first place. Perhaps this height factor also explains some of the pay gap between the sexes?

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