Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mamma Mia: dads and family aren't needed in the matriarchal world

Mamma Mia: the most feminist mainstream movie I've seen in ages

Mamma Mia is a kitsch musical featuring the songs from the Swedish 1970s pop group Abba. Under its apparently lightweight harmless exterior lies a highly subversive storyline which supports the matriarchal worldview in which fatherhood is expendable, and hence so is the traditional family.

I can't emphasise enough that this is one of the core effects of feminism, and one which really strikes at the heart of our societies and threatens our future. Women seem to think its funny, cool, and 'empowering' to support the idea that families can be constructed out of any collection of individuals and that the biological father is an optional accessory. Yet this is like pulling out some of the key support foundations of a skyscraper. That skyscraper is our civilisation, and is dependent upon binding men into the family, in order that they care about working hard, and that they care about the future. Without a guaranteed position within the family, men will walk away. And what seems so funny and fashionable to today's shallow women will soon start to seem very scary.


Anonymous said...

Of course if all this was just confined to musical theatre then may be it would not matter at all. But it goes very much further than this. As I see it we are now well advanced into the 'end game'. What come after will still be a civilisation but no one in which I could live or indeed want any part of. I have put me thoughts into a short video. Don't expect too much but have a look if you are so inclined. Try:-

Anonymous said...

I am reminded by this article of the case of a boy whose circumcision went wrong. His mother was advised by an expert that sex was just a matter of upbringing and advised more surgical intervention and raising the boy as a girl. I know about this story because I read the boy obituary about three years ago. He had committed suicide at the age of 35. Just as you can make a family out of any group of adults so you can make an individual into any thing deemed desirable. It's the same thinking.

Anonymous said...

I think much of the problem stems from the fact that many women think that because they are the natural parent, they should also be custodial parent until adulthood. I've heard feminists argue that female mammals raise their young with no assistance from males, and so the human 2-parent family is unnatural.

What they conveniently forget is that other mammals only raise their young until biological independence - once they're weaned and able to feed for themselves, the young travel with the pack and the female parenthood is over.

I don't know exactly what age this would be in human children, but I don't think 5-6 years of age would be far wrong. Running with the natural world analogy, young kids should be breaking free of an exclusive bond with their mothers by this age. That's one of a father's roles - to ensure the children are integrated into wider society.

Granting women exclusive custody of children until they are in their 20s, and enslaving men so that they have the resources to carry it off, has got to be one of the biggest scams of the century.