Friday, August 29, 2008

Director laments lack of real men in the movies

Guillermo del Toro laments lack of real leading men

"The 'Hellboy' director claims very few modern film action heroes are believable because they are too "nice" and lack the traditional macho image."

Incidentally, the new 'Hellboy 2' movie is pretty enjoyable (as long as you don't mind a bit of Barry Manilow music!), but not as good as 'The Devil's Backbone' and 'Pan's Labyrinth' by the same director.

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Anonymous said...

The Media Elite give us Orlando Bloom, who is too pretty and almost effeminate to be an Action figure. We will see no more masculine Action Heroes. Schwarzenegger is retired an in Politics. Stalone is past his prime.

Increasingly Pretty Boys are our Action Heroes. Those who are Masculine Bruce Willis are getting long in the tooth.

And Androgyny is what we are being served. The Action Leading Men are chosen to appeal to Gays and Women.
Its about Focus Groups and Demographics. And the opinions of Men are irrelevant anymore.