Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lying rape accuser walks free

Woman who made false rape claim against her ex-fiance walks free from court

The 20-year-old man she falsely accused was: "arrested in front of colleagues at the pub where he works as a chef and held for almost 24 hours. He was interviewed, had his DNA, fingerprints and mugshot taken and was subjected to intrusive forensic examinations."

Yet she walked away from court freely, with only a £95 fine.

You'd be more likely to get a larger fine for relatively minor driving offenses these days. It seems that the law in this country is more interested in punishing and extracting money from ordinary men, than in punishing real crimes. There is NO WAY that her £95 will have covered the costs of wasted police time (not that most police time is spent productively anyway).

Also, notice how many of the comments from women are basically saying "Shes harmed the chances of real rape victims." Whilst this is true, notice how the female commentators seem more interested in this than in the injustice and pain inflicted on the man in this case! Women, in general, don't give a shit about men, even when men are put through the most horrendous experiences. Which is yet more reason why the law should support and look after ordinary decent men.

The police and law-enforcement system are playing a dangerous game in this country by alienating ordinary, decent men.


Anonymous said...

A yes the Vagina Pass. Try and wreck her Fiance's Life because she thought he kissed another Woman. And he did not. He should be great full that he did not marry this Skank.

Her criminal Actions deserve a proper response. Rape is being used as a weapon against Men by Women to punish us. It is a perversion of the concept of Justice.

Anonymous said...

Women the most selfish creature in the universe.

post-feminism male said...

A Woman:
Being gang-raped in the street. Screaming for her life.

Me Walking By:
Utter to myself: "That's a pity". And keep walking.

michael savell said...

Men have only themselves to blame.
They seem to fly in the face of adversity.Give them a woman to extol and they become worshippers,
american men will soon be complaining of Biden and the Clinton female friendship society,just wait and see

Chris said...

Women's indifference to men's suffering can be liberating me. It has liberated me by giving me a legitimate excuse to not care about women.

Chris said...

Women's indifference to men's suffering can be liberating. It has liberated me by giving me a legitimate excuse to not care about women.

Anonymous said...

False rape accusations must from now on be termed as violence against men.