Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Women get furious over plan to make them name their childs' father

Single mothers will be forced to name baby's father on birth certificate

Germaine Greer: A dad's role will never equal a mum's

Greer's argument seems to boil down to saying: because women experience greater emotional intensity over having a child - having it grow inside them for 9 months - they therefore far more important than fathers, who are essentially expendable. Of course, this is the matriarchal system that Greer has devoted her life towards promoting. Its the system that results in society becoming a poverty and violence stricken ghetto. Yes, women do experience greater physical intensity in having a baby grow inside them, but this does not necessarily make them a far better parent. For example, women in the UK now abort 1-in-4 of their offspring. You don't find the likes of Greer complaining about that.

"This move paints a picture of mothers wilfully cutting out fathers, perhaps on a whim, and scapegoats them for absent fathers. It ignores the fact that some of these mothers may be protecting themselves and their children from fathers who won't contribute to a child's well-being - because of drug use, abuse or other factors. You can't legislate happy families."

Once again, women are painted as the innocent victims. In this case, having to hide from nasty, abusive, drug-taking men. No mention, of course, of their responsibility not to open their legs to such men in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

Will having the mother forced to name the father give her husband/partner the entitlement to know whether he is or is not the father? Given the NHS will not disclose the blood group of the baby to the husband/partner of the mother just in case he doesn't turn out to be the father, I can't help but wonder how they will obscure the actual parentage of the child if he isn't the father.

Of course, casting one's mind back to the CSA when they tried the same tactic, the reasons as to why the mothers couldn't name the father were...interesting. One claimed to be vomiting out of a window at the time so couldn't be too sure who she was having sex with, another said she slept with so many and was wasted, pointless asking because she didn't even know the men involved.

Yes, this is going to be a very interesting development and one that is to be sure to provide many humerous anecdotes.