Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is New Scientist anti-male?

Is climate change a feminist issue?


Are men to blame for global warming?


Anonymous said...

After reading the Womens Manifesto on climate Change

I have never seen such tripe written and presented as a serious study before. There are so many holes in their conclusions it is little wonder women do not bubble to the top. Reading their claims - 70% of deaths in France during the last heatwave is totally misread. The Times report said death of women "rose" by 70% (against 40% of men). Seeing as it predominately the elderly that died and women are outliving men, it isn't unrealistic to expect a higher death count of elderly women simply because there are more of them to die.

That's just one hole, 85% of women suffer due to climate change? What happens to men? Are they claiming it doesn't affect men? I've seen some tripe promoted by women, but this really takes the biscuit.

Anonymous said...

Yes of course New Scientist is anti-male!

And, have you read Scientific American lately? It's pure feminist political crap too.

I blame the scientists quite honestly. They invent these H-bombs for our war elite, and then they think they have to denigrate masculinity to stop us using H-bombs for intra-species aggression.

I say: they're pathetic. Real men never wanted to drop H-bombs anywhere, and the sole result of this attack on us men is to let that Iranian monkey man build enough bombs to trigger Armageddon.

Great. Big achievement. Time to let real men finish the job I say... OK, I'm a bit drunk, but basically right on this.