Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The 'post female' cinema

IRON MAN, Batman, Big Angry Green Man — to judge from the new popcorn season it seems as if Hollywood has realized that the best way to deal with its female troubles is to not have any, women, that is.

A slightly un-focused article about how few women there are in cinema now.


Anonymous said...

The reason Iron Man worked so well is the lack of a tacked on, superficial love story. Spider Man 3, on the other hand, felt like Peter Parker's blubbering live action Live Journal.

Anonymous said...

Un-focused? I'll say. The writer - who I assume is female - starts off with a highly valid observation, that male-oriented films are cutting the mustard these days; then wanders off track by blathering on endlessly about women. Is there no other subject women ever want to talk about than their own sex? Which, ironically, explains why female-oriented films are such a turn-off. They have exhausted the strictly limited range of interests that women represent, and have become a bore.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how much money hollywierd would lose before they kicked chicks to the curb. I gave up after Spidergirlyman 3 and they didn't get me back until No Country for Stupid Old Skanks. Now that was a great flick.

Anonymous said...

I gave up cinema completely. i don't even own a TV. I can watch instructional(usually martial arts) videos on my PC.

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