Friday, May 09, 2008

How low can TV go?

This is Sue Naegle:
She has recently been made the president of the TV channel HBO. Thats the channel that brought us the feminist series 'Sex and the city'. Will Ms Naegle bring the viewers something a bit classier now? Perhaps something that relies on genuine wit for its entertainment, rather than crudity? Well, one of the first things she did in her new position as president was to commission a pilot for a new series called 'Hung', about a high school football coach with a large penis.

I'm so glad I watch hardly any TV. I recommend all men do the same and turn it off, particularly HBO.


Anonymous said...

I stopped watching TV in 1969 before you where born. I have never seen sex in the city or indeed east enders.However, if if you don't watch tv it is still difficult not to know about these things as I have just shown.

Anonymous said...


While HBO has slipped very badly and is likely in a long term decline, don't forget they made 'The Wire', one of the best TV shows in recent memory, and one that centered around the theme of men struggling to make their way in the world. It was a show free of invasive romantic sub-plots, and surprisingly masculine, in that it dealt with worlds dominated by men and showed how the genius and industry of men can be channeled into both reform and violence (and sometimes the lines were blurred).

Also they made 'The Sopranos' and 'Deadwood'. Hopefully one day HBO will get over its internal problems and make TV with guts again.

Anonymous said...

Videos games are the new entertainment genre for men (they have been since the "golden age" in the 80's - those of us who remember those days), TV is so passe, for the primitive or simple minded with no desire for active thought - TV IS THE OPIUM OF THE MASSES. Why watch movie or television stars - when you can BE THE STAR in video games - the hero or the villain.

Anonymous said...

I mainly watch sports, news, and political talk shows on TV. Otherwise, I barely watch TV