Monday, January 28, 2008

"We don't want white male firemen"

Fire service bans white men from open days

Is this really going to help integrate women and ethnic minority men into the fire service? Of course not, its going to build resentment. If there is really a body of women and ethnic minority men out there who are just dying to become fire-fighters, but are put off by the very thought of having to mingle with white men at open days then:

1. How the hell are they going to work shoulder-to-shoulder with white men when fighting fires?
2. If they are that f*cked up, then they shouldn't be given the responsibility of being a fire-fighter

If my house was on fire, I'd want men - white or black or brown - to be sent in, not women, who are, on average, physically weaker and less visually intelligent.

I hope the number of white male recruits totally plummets now, because this is sending out the message that this fire service does not want white men.

And while I'm on the subject of discrimination against men in job recruitment, a word about female doctors. In this country about 60% of medical students are now female. Now, we have health-care in the UK which is highly subsidised by the taxpayer, such that most procedures are free. If you asked most people: do you think it would be good for the country if 60% of new medical students were over 55 years old, they would say 'No!'. With a majority of medical students that age, they would only have about 10 years of good, active full-time service ahead of them. But this is EXACTLY the case with women too! A large proportion of female medical students work for 10 years or less before 'retiring' to a less intense job (perhaps after having found a high-earning husband to fund their lifestyle), or to have children. There is an enormous cost to the taxpayer, and the patient when the majority of doctors are women.


Anonymous said...

**More than half** of female doctors give up the profession within ten years of qualifying.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding that stat AH.

I was thinking, a good way of illustrating this wastage is to imagine two contrasting medical systems: one where a majority of the doctors trained are women, the other where a majority are men. Now, imagine these two systems are companies, and patients have to buy insurance in either company to be treated.

Now, buying insurance in the 'female-doctor-led' system would obviously cost more! In the free market, such a system would quickly collapse.

Also, women also cost more to treat over a lifetime than men, yet pay less tax and national insurance on average in comparison with men. Therefore men are over-funding both the education and treatment of women in the medical sphere, and this over-funding is HIDDEN!

Yet in the case of car insurance, women, as a group, are able to separate themselves out from men and receive lower insurance premiums. And they regularly mock men and rub their noses in it over this fact.

Out of the Box said...

That's just crazy, when they take away jobs, opportunities, and local schools from white children and white men, that's WAY OVER BOARD!! There are places in America that already sort of do this, to be politically correct and create "diverse" situations. It's madness. Men are the best type of firefighters. No matter how much feminists want to belittle men, it has always been men who are the real heroes. Feminists can't match it, it would take millions upon millions of years to even come close to all the sacrifice men have given, but they still won't. They seem to forget, no humans on this planet would exist without them, no country would have began without them, including America. We NEED MALE firefighters.

Anonymous said...

If my house was on fire, I'd want men - white or black or brown - to be sent in, not women, who are, on average, physically weaker and less visually intelligent.

AGREED. NOt only that, if were to ever need the police and they brought a woman, I would DEMAND that she call for backup from a male officer- or simply tell the dispatcher to not send a women.

I remember the last time I called the police because some guy was looking to start a fight and pulled out a knife, a short and FAT female officer came to address teh situation. Fortunately the guy ran away before she arrived, otherwise she would've gotten hurt.

In fact, there was a story about some femle officer who overpowered by a suspect and shot. I don't know if she died or not.

the Military, law enforcement, and firefighting are TOO IMPORTANT for social experiments