Sunday, December 30, 2007

Your thoughts on the men's movement in 2007

As we reach the end of 2007, I thought it would be interesting to get your opinions on what the men's movement has meant to you in 2007. I'm interested to hear about whether you think we've made any progress this year? Do you have any interesting stories to tell? If you discovered sites like mine this year, how did you react? Have you heard any of your friends or men in general expressing men's rights sentiments? Have you heard any women waking up to the bad treatment of men?

Please feel free to post your thoughts below.


mike savell said...

There are more mras,certainly a few influential ones.There are a few more ladies which is brilliant.
There is a whole load of enemies who are still winning and a whole list of criteria to face.I think we should really be thinking in terms of assisting lawyers like Barbara Johnson cashwise ,what hope is there otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, thanks for your post. What gives you the sense that there are more MRAs? Is it from the number of new blogs, or the number of men who you see have posted MRA-type things around the Internet?

Anonymous said...

All I can say is this: examples such as Paul McCartney, Hulk Hogan, Michael Jordan, and Michael Strahan and the divorces they are/have gone through will definitely INCREASE the number of men's rights activists as well as keep men who were already shy about marriage to swear off getting married for good.

As to the women, I doubt much dent has been made on our behalf. Until the likes of Oprah and the women on the view begin talking about men's rights, I fear women will NEVER 'get it' until society collapses.

Who knows, we may even have a modern-day Augustine write laws where men MUST marry. There are certainly some countries looking to provide incentives to have couples marry, but they forget to repeal laws that make men shy about marriage and chjildren to begin with.

Hopefully 2008 will be a better year. But if Hilary is elected...

Anonymous said...

I'm in my twenties, don't think MRA will do jack. My mates will not listen, which is fine, as they will learn from harsh experience. The woman-worshipping of the modern day is almost impossible for regular men to break free of. Almost everyday, you see high profile men divorce. None of the men pay attention; they just continue their tail chasing.

So I'm out to do what is best for myself. Live and let live.

mike savell said...

Hi Darren,No,nothing to do with the internet,all to do with personal acquaintances that I meet
on dog training exercises and other friends.I must admit to leading them on but they didn't need much bait.The numbers include 4 or 5 women.
My main problem is my own family.
My son in law is in IT and his father is an editor of a scottish paper,both,while not feminist in any way still espouse the feminist cause.It is difficult to tell them that there is a war on,they just do not believe it but I figure they will,one day soon.My daughter
is a "got to be feminist" because she is a councillor and in charge of teenagers of both sexes.As far as I can see she has no ill will towards men or boys but still has to obey committee members of a board whish is basically gay and
feminist,the trouble is that straight manly men get outvoted and then chuck the job in.