Monday, December 31, 2007

Good news! Conservatives to oppose EU treaty

David Cameron has given his clearest commitment yet to tearing up the revised EU Constitution if he wins power, even if it has been signed.

Sorry if you aren't in the UK and you think this is of no interest. But it is very important. The EU is basically a project to create an undemocratic communist super-state out of the nations of Europe. It must be exposed and disposed of.

Already, most of the new laws in the UK come from the EU, created by politicians who we cannot even vote in or out. If this is not anti-democratic, then I don't know what is.

If you happen to be interested in this (and every man in the UK, at least, should be), then here is a video which exposes some of the very sinister strategies of those who want to create a communist Europe: Exposing the 'common purpose' organisation.

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Anonymous said...

The EU is crazy, modelled on the Soviet Union.

Laws already exist in the Soviet EUnion that make it illegal to critisize the EU, although they are unenforcable at present.

The political structures in the EU are modelled on those in the old USSR:

European Parliament = Supreme Soviet = Useless talking shop.

European Comission = Politburo = Corrupt powermongers pulling strings and lining their pockets.

The sooner the EU falls, the better, and the less damage it will do to the member states.