Sunday, December 02, 2007 think that sexual violence against men is funny are clearly a crap, unethical, misandric, anti-male company. They think stabbing men and boys is just an hilarious joke. On their site, on the page for the 'All men are bastards' knife-block, they have some photos that their retarded customers have sent in of this product. Take a look at this one, in which the woman is deliberately aiming one of the knives at the groin of the man, underneath was the caption: "So tempted! Kate Hall, County Durham".

The contact details page for is HERE.

Things like the knife block are a natural consequence of the agitation against men that the feminist lobbies and feminist inspired media engage in. The more that people - particularly impressionable young women - hear propaganda which suggests things like *Men* as a group are holding them back, paying them less for the same work, and so forth, the less that such women will care about men. It engenders a kind of 'means justifies the ends' mentality, where its acceptable to take individual casualities in order to win the bigger war. The feminist movement is full of women who hold their hands up coyly, saying 'Oh but I don't hate men', before going right back to supporting a machine which is dehumanising men and boys, and ruining people's close relationships (not least those between father's and their children, and men and children in general). I don't have any time for such sly games anymore. Anyone who wants to wear the uniform of 'Feminism' has proven that they are willing to support a movement which diminishes my value as a person and diminishes my freedom and opportunities. I will attack any such person and group with as much ferocity and pitilessness as they have shown towards me and other men.

Each new lie they pump out (and there are a lot pumped out by these well funded groups) smears the reputation of men a little more, to the point that in the minds of many, men are just dirty sub-human creatures. Lets get real about this. The media will repeat stuff from these feminist groups about men which they could never get away with saying about an individual person or a corporation, as they would get sued for defamation of character. Who will stand up for ORDINARY men? We don't have the time or the natural inclinations to play the victim games which seem to be necessary these days. But because we don't, we don't get our health problems funded and researched properly, we get utterly shafted in family courts, and boys are subject to constant brainwashing about how inferior they are. This does not bode well for the future. Something has to give. Even women will not like living in the upcoming era of masses of under-educated, angry young men.

The search for the concept of 'equality' is just a front for flaming the fires of a never-ending sex-war. The reason is because people will NEVER agree on what constitutes equality. In the near future, such battles are going to suck-up an ever increasing amount of time, energy and money just to maintain. Great for the legal industry, great for these lobbying groups, bad for society as a whole.

Not that feminist groups, in the real world, actually have any interest in real equality, they want a matriarchy. They want removal of the concept of fathers being present in the homes of children. The alienation of men from society. Basically their model is the primative ghetto society, but paid for by an ever-increasing tax-burden, leveled disproportionately on men. Anyone who thinks this is a good thing is one seriously sick puppy.

Yes, there is going to be a backlash, there is going to be a point of karma. And when this is all over, I think women will rue the day they signed up for supporting these hate-groups, for their mind-less man-bashing, for their casual selfishness and for undermining the ordinary men of their country. I also think women will wake up to realise they have lost more than they've gained. Not least of which is the respect and goodwill of the majority of men.


Anonymous said...

Crickey, I haven't had any illiterate crazies here for a while now. Actually the product is well known by the nick-name 'All men are bastards', many companies have refered to it by that name, including this one:

Whether the company has mainly men or women in it is irrelevant to whether it is promoting misandry.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

I swear the same issue or article came up this time last year?

I thought it was on Angry Harry or one of those sites.

If I went over to some broads house and saw one of these it wouldn't make a good impression, I'd probably hit the road cause anyone who owns one of these is obviously a whack-job.

Here's my thoughts though, let them sell it. I believe in freedom or speech and expression. Even though I don't like it, I'll defend there right to express themselves.

We are no better than the feminists when we start trying to censor everything. Fuck censoring.

Anonymous said...

The key point is not whether we should argue this should be 'censored', but rather that such a product would NEVER be allowed if it depicted any other group in society - women, gays, blacks, jews.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

I dig what your trying to point out, double standard.

Women, Gays, Jews and Blacks would be able to launch a lawsuite or some sort of 'Hate law' action against a knife block depicting them. The company would get shut down.

How can we win? How can we maintain free speech but stop people from spreading misandry?

You see my dilemma?

Anonymous said...

Simply by awakening enough men to what is going on. Thats all I'm trying to do.

Anonymous said...

Uncharted Thoughts said "How can we win? How can we maintain free speech but stop people from spreading misandry?

You see my dilemma?"


Well, this is what you do.

Using your free speech, you do to them what they are doing to you - and see how they like it.

CoolTools - my humble advice is that whenever a poster is rude to you, don't publish their comments - unless you know who they are - in which case, expose their ignorance to others.