Saturday, December 22, 2007

Banning men from running for political office in the UK

The rights of man: All women shortlists - men are politically disenfranchised in 26 seats at the next general election

Its called 'positive discrimination', which is one of those newspeak terms, like 'friendly fire', which tries to put a smiley face on an ugly concept. I would recommend that men in the UK do not vote at all until there is a party which will reduce the tax burden and support men.


zimmy said...

Will there be 'shortlists' for women in the following areas: engine room work, roofing, trucking, auto repair, oil rig work, welding, refuse work, electrical power line installing, etc, etc.

Nah, that's too much 'real equality'. Let the mere males continue to dominate these difficult jobs while the women demand quotas in the decision-making and professional sevices. After all, women don't want to break their nails.

richardwrites said...

Men must vote. Basically nobody cares if we separate ourselves from mainstream society or sulk. We must vote and keep on voting for the least worst party.

If you cannot do this then vote for either UKIP or the Equal Parenting Alliance. Whatever you do, do not let yourselves be pushed to the margin.

Anonymous said...

I'll be off in the mountains collecting rocks and sticks, since there is no sense in actually working for this senseless society.