Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remembrance Day


Anonymous said...

This is always a special time and a good one for men. It is the time of year when the world has to acknowledge, whether gladly or through gritted teeth, that millions of "ordinary" men are capable of the most heroic and wonderful deeds, and have true greatness, nobility and courage inside them. That was proven beyond all doubt twice in the last century.

When Christmas is over, many people say "why can't it be like that every day of the year?" My question is, when Remembrance Day is over, why can't we honour men in the same way every day? I don't mean by tokens like ceremonies or wreaths; but just maintaining an idea in our heads that when you come face to face with a man, any man, it is very heavy odds on that you are in fact dealing with a being who has a little of the divine inside him, if only it has a chance to show itself. Put a man to the real test, and he will almost never let you down. We must just ensure we don't listen to those siren voices who want us to believe otherwise. Those heroes were the rule, not the exception, and we are their sons and grandsons. Should we allow ourselves to be defined as anything less than them?

Anonymous said...

In war men kill other men. So what is so glorious about that? In the end the beneficiaries are women. War displaces men and women take their place. Soldiers don’t go into battle to die but to kill and the sickening rhetoric that pretends otherwise is just a deception. If the men’s movement is just something that reduces to glorifying war then I want no part of it and I hope the feminist fry you in hell. Countless times I have read how the country is feminist and how intolerable this is yet men like the above seem all to willing to see men’s blood sacrificed for it. For those who die or would die to ‘protect the country’ die for feminism, since the only England that exists is feminist- there is no other. Now neither you nor I died in war so don’t get up onto any high horse. Due you really think the corpses rejoice in their deaths? I doubt it. They where robed of the only thing they possessed – their existence. They where robed to protect the ruling elite and little else.

You ought to read Rob’s last post. Link on AH page. He says a lot of things amongst which is that most men just don’t, indeed can’t, get it. When I read comments like yours I see the hopelessness of it all and glad like Rob I will be getting out of it all soon. The only good thing I get out of reading posts like the one above is the feeling that you deserve feminism and indeed worse. I have mixed feeling in knowing that indeed soon things will be a lot worse. You and others can predict the demise of feminism as much as you like from the obscurity of a tiny corner of the internet but you are marching in entirely the wrong direction.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment anonymous, but I think you completely misunderstand my point. I did not say that glory consists in killing other men; I know it doesn't. Still less was I suggesting men should sacrifice themselves for ungrateful women; they shouldn't. What I was trying to convey was something very different, that I hope you would agree with: that men are far better than the feminists and assorted male-bashers in our sick society want us to believe. It is just that war has, sadly, been the one circumstance in which the true worth of men has been displayed so clearly that even governments and feminists cannot deny it.

The glory lies in giving your best in an impossible situation. In WWI, ordinary guys thought they were going to fight for some noble cause. Instead they found themselves in a living hell, being forced to battle for survival in the most abominable conditions, and the enemies they had been led to believe were monsters turned out to be just ordinary men like themselves, but just wearing a different uniform. So they knew they had been betrayed. In that we agree; they were just cannon fodder. But they stuck with it, even though they knew they were most likely going to die horribly, as so many did. And they had no choice at that point. Anyone who did not stay and fight was branded a coward and shot anyway. Their position was intolerable with no escape. Lesser beings would have given up, surrendered to the enemy, moaned and bellyached about their lot, or just curled up in a ball and waited for death. But those guys did none of those things. Pushed to the limits, they stood tall and endured. That's the courage and nobility.

I was also paying tribute to both my grandfathers, who fought in that conflict and were great men. Did they dream they were dying for the cause of feminism? Not a bit of it. It is just that the feminists cashed in afterwards. Nothing glorious, brave or noble about that.

In WWII, the situation was quite different, but the effect was the same. It was a case of a life-or-death fight to stop the march of Nazism. It does not bear thinking about what would have happened if Hitler had won. Anyone who did not fit his ideal of Aryan perfection would have been slaughtered like animals. That probably means most of us alive today would never have been born.

My tribute to the heroes of WWII include my father, who fought and survived, and several of my uncles, who fought and did not survive. Again, did they believe they were dying in the cause of feminism? No, but again the feminists cashed in afterwards.

As for the battle against feminism, that is a different matter again, but men still have to take the same qualities into it. No man fought in the two world wars in order to promote feminism; they had no idea their sacrifice would pave the way for their sons and grandsons to be spat on and dispossessed of their homes and families by people who were not fit to lick their boots. But that does not take anything away from the men who gave their all and died. I don't want to see men ever again betrayed in such a way; but they will be if we cannot find the same courage - not to be wasted on protecting feminists, God no, but to boot them out of our lives for good.

So don't accuse me of wanting men to die for a feminist society. I want men to stand up and be counted, whatever the enemy.

By the way, I did read Rob's last post, and added my own comment to it. I agree with a lot of what he has to say, but I take a different slant in some respects.

Anonymous said...

Anon said "I hope the feminist fry you in hell."

well happy vets day to u too
sick bastard
go protest the war somewhere else


Anonymous said...

All you points are sound and may be I overreacted to your first post paul parmeter. Probably, in fact certainly, those who where led and mislead to fight in the world wars did not do so with any idea that they where promoting feminism. Yet that was the consequences of their actions. Now I think the thrust of Rob’s last post is that feminism is an intrinsic unfolding phenomena not just some political ‘blip’ to be corrected once the fact are show. My point is that war is part of that process. So I would not see feminist advancement during war as being opportunistic but an essential and unavoidable part.

Are wars male or female? True it is men who fight them but what is really going on. I find it instructive to watch footage of men marching off to war. They look so proud and pleased. They have ever reason to be so as along the route are cheering women all waving flag and voicing their approval. Men are getting the one thing they crave and are seldom given – the approval of women. So off they go their existences so worthless that they are an expendable commodity to be slaughtered on the battle field. Well that seems to be what they want, including the one who called me a bastard above, then so be it. But the consequences will be that the feminist will fry men in hell, and since they bring this on themselves I can have no pity for them. In fact it is the men who fight who are the first to be fried. They are the first and most easily dispossessed by the divorce and family courts. But although they complain they still rejoice in having ‘defended freedom’. This is not just a made up example. It comes from having talked to a soldier who had indeed been dispossessed and more than this imprisoned as well. Yet he puffed up his national pride and told me he had defended freedom. Well good for him. In fact he had defended nothing; he had just been in the armed services for a few years. But he was too stupid to see that the country whose freedom he claimed to defend was the one that deprived him of his freedom by putting him in prison and expelling him from his family.

Still I know I can change nothing except my own circumstances. This much I have learned from reading thousand of pages on men’s sites. The problem is not in what they oppose but in what else they stand for. So you get the antifeminist who is just a nationalist bigot all to ready to slaughter other men provided they are not too heavily armed and speak a different language. For them the situation is bleak for indeed the feminist will fry them in hell. I can not even pity such a pathetic specimen who despite all the rhetoric has not identified who their enemy really is.