Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bill Maher, Michael Moore, and others debate feminism

I knew Michael Moore was manipulative, but even I was shocked when he tried to compare being in the presence of boys with getting into a swimming pool of sharks. Is anyone over the age of 5 fooled by his illogical statements? Bill Maher seems very astute, articulate and brave to be saying what he does. I laughed my head off at his response to Sandra Berhard's claim that women are more spiritually evolved than men.


Anonymous said...

The host was okay, but should have defended men better. When Mangina Moore demeaned men and spoke of male instigated wars, I was hoping the host, or even CHS herself would have mentioned female rulers like Margerate Thatcher or Queen Elizibeth etc etc who sent millions of men to their deaths during wartime. Mangina Moore needs to go head to head with an MRA, and these shows need to contact MRA bloggers or webmasters, like yourself or Angry Harry, to go on these shows and stick it to em.

Anonymous said...

I think Michael Moore suffered a lot from other boys in his youth and childhood and was only protected by mom. Probably because he was too fat. Now he`s out for revenge. I`ve always thought he was such a moron.


Anonymous said...

Michael Moore uses the word 'we'. He says 'we' did this, 'we' did that. Who is we? The blue collar worker never invaded or bombed any country. Yet he includes him in the 'ruling' class.

Also, this argument that men are bad because they are violent is silly. It evokes the concept of evil, which in my mind doesn't exist. We are all born babies. What is happening to all these babies along the way that makes them turn into murderers and rapists? You cannot use this as an argument against men, it is only an argument against society.

The Chief said...

Anybody who truly believes women are more spiritually evolved than men has never seen a die-hard vegetarian woman break down in the department store and buy those leather boots or that leather handbag because "it'd go SOO WELL with that cute outfit I have!"