Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pro-abortion feminist group funded pro-abortion politicians

Sleaze expose: pro-abortion MPs neglected to declare they'd received money from feminist group

Pro-abortion feminist politician, Jacqui Smith


mike savell said...

We all know about this kind of thing.It is not the small amount of money but the idea that this group can drop them in the proverbial if betrayed.No doubt they already held these views but,
how often do potential women candidates set out their stall before taking power?
NO women represent men,get it in your heads,if you are a maschochist
then fine,otherwise don't vote for

Anonymous said...

Women around the world are killing babies. Cold creatures for sure. Cold as stone. Killing children and walking away. Killing children and then acting like they are mothers of the world. Killing children and making excuses and reasons that they are justified. Killing is killing. Death of babies everywhere, how can you view this differently??