Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Man-bashing, trashy journalist, Carol Sarler: "Fathers aren't neccessary"

Ask any single mother what she most misses about having a man and her answer will be a man-sized salary; it is the absence of that, rather than of the man himself, that makes children go off the rails.

A disgusting, drivel-filled piece of trash journalism which belongs in some obscure Marxist or feminist pamphlet, but made its way into the Times.

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Anonymous said...

Yes but see the danger in this thinking. If all that it missing is “the man- sized salary” then the logical thinking would be that in the ‘best interest of the child’ money should be extorted from men (all men will do) and given to the woman. By degrees this is what is happening.

So we will all have to ‘support’ the children even if they were artificially created (not long to go before that is the case as well).

If all we can do is trumpet how good we are in war as in the posts and comments below then not only will the tide be irresistible we will deserve little else.