Saturday, November 17, 2007

Knock yourself up? New book advocates single motherhood

Theres no shame in going solo says mum

Sometimes, through accident, bad or undesirable things happen, but we all accept that as part of life. But we also accept that to DELIBERATELY choose to make these things happen is a totally different thing. It is wrong.

Yet many people will deliberately close their eyes, stick their fingers in their eyes and hum loudly to avoid this logic when it comes to the phenomena of 'single mothers by choice'. These are the women who deliberately choose to have children through sperm donation, without any father present in the child's life.

These women are refusing to take responsibility for their failure in finding a good man to bond with before fathering a child. This is all the more disgusting when you consider how easy it is for young women to attract male company.

These women are more concerned with their own 'image' than with any child's right to know a father. They are concerned with being allowed to do what the hell they like without any shame. This is the thrust of modern feminism: women should be able to do anything they like without shame, no matter if its degrading or hurts people.

We now live in a culture in which if a young 5-year old boy playfully pinches a girl's bottom hes investigated for sexual abuse but if a woman decides to deliberately deprive boy of a father, she is 'celebrated'. Sick, but this is the way it is.

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