Friday, October 26, 2007

Great quotes

"Women's ill gained privileges will be short-lived. At the end of the day they'll still be scratching their heads over how they can juggle two jobs: work and raising their children. Fundamental assumptions have changed, one of them being whom the children "belong" to. Since they are no longer the father's, what is left to motivate disfranchised men to be productive? And when only women are productive, while men's motivation and productivity gradually wanes, how long before all these countries fall into utter disarray?

Women can no more win in the long run than one can "win" a battle against entropy. Even brainwashing men will make little difference. All the propaganda in the world cannot overcome the biological feedback mechanism."

Antiriad, on the 'Niceguys' forum


"It would be great if it was possible for women to live like men and help take the burden of work off of men's back, but women's modern role in the workplace has become a Potemkin's village with massive social support systems disguising the reality that these women are not equal and not making a net contribution as men do. Add up the costs of welfare, affirmative action, "child" support, sexual harassment legislation, divorce trauma, suburban sprawl, daycare, higher taxes, etc. and it's clear that the "equal pay" women bring home is MORE THAN offset by the higher costs to EVERYONE."

Polish Knight

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Anonymous said...

Decay into chaos is perhaps the best we can hope for. I think this may be a minority view but it is one shared by a quite a few. But if this decay is the best we can hope for then we need to truly embrace it. So rejoice when the chaos swells up. If crime and disorder flourish then so much the better.