Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Become a web genius

I don't often do this, but I feel compelled to recommend something to you. Last week I bought an ebook online called 'The web genius handbook'. I found out about it because I'd already purchased a product from it's author last year (a piece of software called 'Search automator', which is a kind of very powerful search engine tool, and is also pretty good) and had signed up to his mailing list.

Basically the web genius handbook is a PDF ebook with nothing else but tips for little-known tricks and tools to use online. I use the Internet a LOT, but I didn't know most of these tips, and a lot of them I'm going to put into practice and should be very useful to me.

Recently I happened to be in Oxford street and went into the big 'Borders' bookshop to look at some computer books (I ended up buying the 'missing manual' for Powerpoint - 'The missing manual' is a pretty good computer/tech. book series), and I decided to look through the 'Internet guide' type books, and, I must say, they were all pretty bad. Not one of them was as good as the Web Genius Handbook.

Some of the topics it covers are:

Communications tools
Understanding and using RSS
Making full use of Google's range of free services (I didn't know about many of these tips)
Productivity tools
Search tools
Mapping tools

Take a look: The web genius handbook

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