Monday, September 24, 2007

Weird modern morality

A schoolboy was sentenced by magistrates today for causing criminal damage valued at ONE PENNY.

Basically this boy tore a plastic bag which belonged to a girl, and because she got upset about it he gets taken to court.

Essentially the law bends over backwards to cater to women's feelings. But it doesn't give a monkey's when it comes to the feelings of boys and men.

For example, a woman can abort a baby against the man's wishes, and theres nothing he can do about it.

Or, a woman can basically sever a father's relationship with his little son, break their hearts and the law just shrugs its shoulders and allows it.

Remember: upset a girl by causing 1p worth of damage to her disposable plastic bag and get sentenced in court; take a son away from his father, breaking his heart, and get away with it.

THAT'S the society you live in men.

THAT is how much the law values you as a father.

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