Friday, August 03, 2007

Michael Crichton on Happiness

Make the world a better place and you make your life worth while.That's the heart of happiness, and all the rest is commercial hustle.

A short essay, but one which certainly makes you think. Maybe one of the greatest insanities of the Human race is that we are all pursuing happiness, yet mostly by doing things which don't make us happy, yet we never seem to learn.


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Anonymous said...

Thats very kind, thanks Rob. I'll give you a link back.

Unknown said...

"So if you want to be happy, resolutely turn the spotlight off yourself. Forget your own self-importance, your aches and pains, your feelings and fears. Instead, get busy. The world is wide and fascinating, and it needs your participation. People out there need your help."

I would like to rewrite this bit.
So if you want to be happy, take action on those dreams, one step at a time, but keep it consistent over the day (not just 2hours and done, minimum 4-5h). The world is wide and fascinating, but if you just sit there and think about how fascinating it all is without participating, you will be very unhappy, because you know your a spineless chicken. There are so many people out there, who needs to be put in action on your command, helping you and themselves.

What Mr.Crichton is talking about is something I've read a small book on called "Flow", from some author I cant remember. Allthough it gives you a very happy moment that your not aware of at the time, the section below that I will describe will give, atleast me, a very happy life and your very aware of it. Also, flow will happend aswell, just not in the start when your fresh on the material. Flow requires that you know your stuff pretty well.

My experience is that while sitting and just thinking about your dream is very painful, the taking action itself involves far more pain, fear and frustration than anything else. I've learned to love this, this is what makes me feel alive, and a warrior instead of that spineless chicken. After a hard day I can smile in bed and sleep in. Thats happiness in my book.

Anonymous said...

Many people are focussed on other people and may well derive their happiness from that. However, there are those who derive it from solving problems with things or coming up with, or field testing a new idea they came up with. This type of thinking is what made the West-once-the greatest civilization to date. Because this is being actively discouraged now, the West is losing its edge. Matriarchies don't appreciate this way of thinking.