Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mums win 'right' to get their breasts out in public

Mothers will win the right to breastfeed in public

I don't actually have much of a problem with this, although I think its slightly distasteful that women might be so keen to do something that was - in the past - considered a bit private, in public. But then people are more exhibitionistic these days.

And who can really complain about seeing more breasts on display? As long as they are attractive ones of course!

However, I can just imagine that within a few years it will become an offense for men to look at women while they are breastfeeding. Then it will become an offense for a man to even accidentally see a woman breastfeeding. Then the lawyers will advise men that its probably breast... I mean best for them to keep their eyes on the ground at all times when in public.

Trust me, this cannot be far away now!


Anonymous said...

Breastfeeding is a normal and natural bodily function that all human mothers perform.

So is menstration, urination and defication.

Anonymous said...

Here in rural Mexico, women feed their babies when they are hungry. They seem to fit into three groups.

The first group is very discreet, carefully covering the breast area while giving the baby the access.

The second group covers the breast while getting the baby in position, then with the baby's mouth covering the nipple, allow some exposure.

The third group openly brings out the breast, and moves the baby to it.

My mother breast fed us all, so when I see a breast with a hungry baby next to it, it has no connotations at all of privacy violation. That same breast without a baby would be rather exciting.

I think this is a case of what we are used to. If you are not used to women breast feeding, it may offend you, but those in a culture where it is normal pay no attention.

I remember a cousin's wife had a new baby. I went to see it, and she happened to be feeding it. She uncovered the baby, which exposed her breast except for the nipple, with no embarrassment at all.

The problem is, instead of being brownish around the nipple,it was BLUE. I was fascinated, and have a strong desire to see that puppy again, heh, heh. I had no idea women had blue around the nipple, apparently that is common in her ancestral tribe.

Anonymous age 65

Ummer F said...

What's so bad about men not looking at women. Infact that's a great thing. Now all they need is a good reason not to look at junk porn.

Anonymous said...

Well, any guy who has to stare at boobies during breastfeeding is truly hard up. Jesus, just go out and buy some porn!

Breastfeeding is natural (we are mammals after all), as well as beneficial to the child's health and it is disgusting how some jurisdictions have tried to force women in public areas to use restrooms to do it. I'd like to see them suggest that they feed their older (i.e. not breast feeding) children their food in a toilet!

Get over it, Putritanical freaks. They are just breasts.