Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Divorce rights for lovers

Divorce rights for lover who split up

Wake up and smell the coffee everyone. Can't you see that the government just does one thing after another to ruin people's relationships or make them harder, then profits out of it.

If they were so concerned over this matter, a simple advertising campaign informing people that if they co-habit they do NOT have marriage rights, would have been enough. But no, now we are to have this crazy system, which is not only unjust, but will cost God knows how much to administer. The lawyers will earn more, the politicians will have more power (they'll now effectively be able to pass judgement on your sex life) and levels of distrust and suspicion amongst ordinary people will go up.

Yet at the same time as the Government is regulating everything more and more (e.g. more red-tape that makes businesses harder to start up and run), divorce is now easier than ever (£65 and a mouse click!). Can't you see the agenda here?

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Outcast Superstar said...

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