Thursday, June 14, 2007

Feminist whines about the lack of romance in today's films

Fay Weldon: We get the films we deserve. Today’s films, made by men for men – the industry’s target audience being males between 14 and 29 – echo the age.

She goes on to opine the lack of romance in today's world, in particular at the movies. By the way, any girls reading, remember that you have Granny Weldon and her feminist cronies to thank for the lack of romance in your lives today and the future. I hope you enjoy it!

Actually, this reminds me of something that I've been meaning to write about for a while which hardly anyone has noticed: the gradual 'masculinisation' of the cinema of late. Yes, in the recent past we had a glut of 'girl power' films, but these have started to seriously dry up, unsurprising perhaps after a number of them (e.g. Tomb Raider 2, Catwoman) flopped. But it goes further than this. There are less 'chick flick' films around these days, and the big female movie stars are not so prominent anymore. The men, particularly young men, may not be watching so much TV anymore, but the cinema is becoming a young man's medium more than ever. Yes there are exceptions, but I believe this is the general trend.

The type of films that appeal to men, like, say action films, are highly exportable to non-English markets in a way that the latest Meg Ryan romantic comedy just isn't. This means that men's movies are just more likely to make money.

And if theres anyone under any illusions about how films get green-lighted, its probably something like this:


Anonymous said...

Well, romance requires a masculine MAN and a feminine WOMAN.

However, in today's world of feminism(simulation of masculinity) and metrosexuality(simulation of feminity), 'romance' films will not work.


As for the flop of TombRaider, Electra, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Aeon Flux, Catwoman..., the movies are based on the 'grrl power' theme and the mythical 'alpha female' which does not exist. As the men moved away from TV and movies to video-games and prOn, Hollywood has learnt and will produce more male-oriented content.

Infact the movie 'The Incredibles' had an anti-feminist scene which was deleted from the original film.

Anyway, here are Seven Mistakes Superheroines Make

1. Do fight demons. Don't fight only inner demons.
2. Do play well with others. Don't shun human society.
3. Do exhibit self-control. Don't exhibit mental disorders.
4. Do wear trendy clothes. Don't wear fetish clothes.
5. Do embrace girl power. Don't cling to man hatred.
6. Do help hapless men. Don't try to kill your boyfriend.

7. Do toss off witty remarks. Don't look perpetually sullen.

The last thing women want to see is Supergirl whining about her boss, suffering through a mid-life career crisis, and being served divorce papers by Superman.

Anonymous said...

I haven't noticed the increasd "masculinization" of movies. I don't go to movies much anymore. Why pay $10 for a movie that may not be good anyways. but then again, I guess it makes sense because as the price of tickets increase the ONLY movies I risk watching are action movies as they have the greatest chance of being good.

I loved the incredibles. Would've been even better had not that scene been deleted.

Anonymous said...

Well, here is another article where feminists are upset with Hollywood.

You won't see Termination 2 at the movies

2 movies where the lead women decide against abortion and keep their babies. Feminists are outraged, ofcourse.

Well, the movies are misandrist - both men are good-for-nothing/abusive losers - we can skip these movies too.


Anyways, from the article :

After years of wondering whether we’ll ever change society’s permissive attitude towards abortion, I’m convinced that we will some day come to view it in the way we now view slavery, a moral abomination that generations simply became inured to by usage and practice.

The big difference, of course, is that abortion is worse than slavery. Not just in the obvious sense that it involves the taking of life rather than liberty. But because our current debate suggests that deep down most of us really know there’s something quite wrong with abortion.

Say what you will about the slaveowners, I doubt many of them sat around agonising about their decision to keep Uncle Tom and his family chained to the shack at the end of the drive. I doubt they justified it, after much soul-searching, by saying they were only painfully exercising their “choice” to own slaves so they wouldn’t have to sacrifice their standard of living.

When even Hollywood declines to celebrate the moral courage involved in choosing an abortion, it might be time we all woke up to what abortion really is.

Peregrine John said...

The deleted scene is one of the extra features on the DVD of The Incredibles. It's in storyboard format, but the voices are also there.

Stellar scene.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that people who are so "Pro-Choice" are so upset when women choose not to abort. Is it really a choice?