Friday, May 11, 2007

Women's sexism and publishing

Notice how women are always whining about how several of the magazines for men are obsessed with sex, but look at how many tens of women's magazines are! And some of them (including ones for younger girls) include images of naked or half-naked men. So basically these women haven't a leg to stand on in their bitchings against the lads mags.

Also, take a look at this nauseating interview with the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine (about a minute or so in) and tell me that women's magazines aren't misandric.

And there are loads of women's magazines with that kind of attitude. But in reality there are only a handful of mainstream men's mags that are sex-obsessed, the majority of magazines men buy are about hobbies, science and technology.

But women generally don't have hobbies or interests in the world unless it relates to them directly. People with no cultural or intellectual interests in life tend to stave off their boredom through a focus on drama (whether they create it themselves, or vicariously feed off the 'real life' dramas of others) sensations, and sex. And could there be any better description of the contents of women's magazines. No subject is covered by the women's magazines unless it can be related to how it might 'spice up' a woman's sex life.

Although the hairy feminist types who complain against the men's magazines are actually complaining mainly about the covers. They dislike having to see scantily clad young women on them. Well, you have to wonder whether these women actually have their eyes open when they walk around the streets, shops, workplaces, bars, restaurants etc. Everywhere you go there are women dressed in provocative and sexually alluring ways. And men have to deal constantly with these little pulls on their attention every day. Fair enough, we rarely get actively offended by it, but it is constant, and it adds up in some sense. Particularly when women dress provocatively yet then act all snotty if any man dares stare at them, or ask them out.

And its not just their magazines, its books too.

Browsing through the books on display in the airport the other day I saw one called 'How to kill your husband' (a 'dark' comic novel), and another called 'Girl with a one track mind' (this is the spin-off book of the blog by the feminist slut who writes about her constant sexual conquests).

Drivel that degrades men is given prime-shelf space, yet if one innocent and educational book is aimed at boys, female journalists get their panties in a twist.


Anonymous said...

No way I'm reading that interview. I remember years ago in Australia, Cosmo or a similar magazine were being interviewed and they were justifying why male centerfolds were not sexist but female centerfolds were and so female centerfolds should be banned. Apparently, it's because women are interested in healthy males. I have no idea what the hell that means. But that was what first made me realise the hypocrisy of our society.

Anonymous said...

I have always thought that the difference between men’s magazines and women’s magazines is this: - Women’s magazines are obsessed with women and so are men’s magazines.

Anonymous said...

Hey deal with it fellas. Women like hot men. Why would we screw ugly, fat old trolls when we can have hot young ones.

I don't see why you find the interview nauseating. It sounds like Hugh Hefner if he were discussing his centerfolds.