Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sir Patrick Moore: Women controllers are dumbing down TV

Patrick moore is a legend, and has only gone up in the already high esteem I held him in. Hes completely right. We used to have the best TV in the world, and now its mainly as crap and mindless as everywhere else. Its no wonder most intelligent men hardly watch any TV these days. I personally cringe whenever I see a man watching a soap opera.

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Also see ex-newsreader Michael Buerk's previous statements along the same lines:



Unknown said...

"What we have now are lots of jobs that require people skills and multi-tasking - which women are a lot better at."

Ookey? How about leaders and someone to look up to? That have a vital role in society.

Oh and about multi-tasking. I have no idea where they got that women are better at it, but I guess they mean multi-prioriting, like multi-tasking family, friends, job and sports which they do great. Thing is, you cant have it all if you seek success, you ask yourself what you want, and go for it. I think women suck at knowing what they want, but I think they are really good at going for what they've been told to.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth is mistaken.This isnt about who is better suited for what job,this is about gender politics and the dissemination of ideological propaganda to the general public,propaganda that is designed to influence public opinion and attitudes on an unconscious level.I just wonder how long it can last.I think viewers(including wemon)are sick of programming that caters only to female interests or perspectives,because its just not realistic,its one-sided,and its just downright tiresome.Perhaps after enough viewership is lost,the BBC will reinclude more masculine-interest programming.

Anonymous said...

I as a woman want to vomit at anyone who watches a soap opera.

Who the fuck watches them? They are boring and mindless.

(I am American, and realize you are a British web site, so maybe your soaps are not as dismal as ours? Hard to imagine, but you do have all the talented actors on your side of the pond.)