Friday, May 18, 2007

Women no longer get complimented

Not only are men failing to compliment female friends and colleagues for fear of causing offence - but women are highly likely to suspect the motives of the individual offering the admiring comment.

The irony of this - which has come about undoubtedly because of the feminists hate-stirring - is that its the most polite and sensitive or intelligent men who are now the least likely to compliment the women, leaving only the most rough and insensitive men to approach them.


Davout said...

"Men are 'too frightened' to give women the compliments they need"

is the PC title of that article.

The title should really be "Men are not willing to give women compliments they don't deserve".

Anonymous said...

See, what I can't understand about you guys is why you always insist on attacking womens choice of man rather than attacking the system of female priviledge that gives women such wide latitude to write off most men as unsuitable.

Why do you assume that a man who compliments a woman is rough or brutish?

He may consider himself the "sensitive" one if being compared to me or you, since we wouldn't give any woman a compliment.

The point I'm making is - do we not give Feminists all the amunition they need to demonise men by perpetuating the same course stereotypes about other men as Feminists do about ALL men, when we characterise them as unworthy because we say they are thugs, players, rough etc?

So you think you are more deserving of female attention because you're better than that man over there.

But what it really looks like is - being unable to attract the volume of female attention you think YOU'RE ENTITLED to, you take your frustrations out, not on the women, but on other men, who are probably struggling with the same issues as you.

I just can't see men uniting to defend our interests if we are so divided among ourselves.

I just cannot see it. This is my frustration.

They have us surrounded.

Women just do not attack each other like that. That's why they will continue to have the upperhand against us until we stop attacking each other over them.

Anonymous said...

julesproves is right.


Anonymous said...

Any woman with a shred of self esteem does not want or need compliments from mysoginistic assholes such as yourselves.