Friday, May 04, 2007

Why men turn to prostitution

Guest essay by Chris Keys of Men's Rights Online

Why Men Turn to Prostitution

Regardless of whether women want to admit it or not, a strong amount of evidence suggests that sexual selection offers women a huge advantage over men when it comes to finding a partner. While a woman can usually gain attention from many men with relative ease, a man will usually have to work quite hard just to obtain a response from a woman he is courting. In general, men have to court women if they want a girlfriend, while women don't need to court men in order to find a boyfriend.

A considerable amount of young women are attracted to savage men, as they find the uncouth qualities of these men to be exciting. In the process, this leaves the shyer men in a conundrum, as the women in question see these men as being nothing other than "friends" who they can burden with their emotional issues -- they argue that these men are boring wimps.

In the past it wasn't as bad as this, as men and women did not place a great deal of emphasis on the superfical traits that are obsessed over by today's generation. Part of this was due to the strong influence of the family unit, which educated women about the danger of associating with savages and other idiots who live recklessly. The second-wave feminists from the sixties and the early feminists from the 19th Century labeled this as a form of "sexual repression", and shamed society into allowing women to base their *sexual choices* on emotion rather than common sense. The result is young women are more promiscuous, desensitised and insensitive than ever when it comes to their sexuality and interaction with men.

Another fact is young men who are unemployed are the least likely demographic of men to father children -- as has been shown by the ABS -- and are more likely than any other demographic to be shunned and rejected by the opposite sex. Young women on the other hand -- even those who are unemployed and uneducated -- are sought after by men of all ages, as these type of women are at their sexual peak. This leaves young women with a LOT of sexual power which they do not know how to use, as they do not have the life experience to understand the consequences of having reckless sex. Some of these women take advantage of it, and use it to gain favours and money from men, while others use it to have "fun" by seeing how many men they can attract while they party, smoke and drink alcohol.

The socialists and feminists -- the early feminists were originally socialists -- who rallied for women to be allowed to copulate with anyone they wanted are idiots, as the fruit of their activism is depriving women of the parental and social guidance that women need to understand the real world. Their ignorance (the feminists and socialists) is causing problems between men and women, as men are starting to lose their chivalrous urge to protect and provide for women.

For the reasons listed above, prostitution is the most practical option for men who are looking to fulfil their sexual needs -- however they are not the only reasons. Prostituion is becoming more attractive to men than marriage due to the anti-male bias within the legal system.

Anti-male legislation -- most of which was lobbied for by rabid feminists -- offers support and encouragement to sub-types of women who defraud men (these are the women who think men are nothing more than slaves-for-women and finacial resources who can be exploited with impunity). A lot of anti-male legislation dates back to the 19th Century. During the early 20th Century -- I think it was 1908 or 1909 -- Belfort Bax released a publication called The Legal Subjection of Men, which documented the criminal law exemption and civil law privilege that women enjoyed under 19th Century law in England. Australia was far more socialist than England was during the 19th Century, therefore the law was even more misandrist in Australia than it was in England.

In the past it wasn't as hard for men to attract women and vice versa, as society didn't place a great deal of importance on inane superfical traits such as style, promiscuity, hairlessness, big breasts and movie-star looks. As a result, relationships were more practical in the past, as men and women saw a relationship as meaning more than sex and status -- they saw it as a way of working as a team to survive in the real world. In today's society, a "relationship" has turned into a business transaction, as there are some women who are only willing to marry wealthy men -- they do this so they can acquire wealth from these men by filing for divorce. The women who do this are usually the ones who only dated savages while they were young. [Their reasoning is they have had their "fun" with the bad boys, and now it's time to settle for a dependable and hardworking man who can provide her with the material possessions that she wants.]

The women who perpetrate these acts are causing trouble for good women, as men are now too scared to marry as they don't want to be defrauded. There are a lot of good women out there, so it's sad to see so many of them being shunned because of the actions of a few bad women.

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Prostitution is the only practical option for men who are looking to fulfill their sexual needs and who hold your mysoginistic attitude towards women.