Sunday, May 13, 2007

Questions for readers

I've decided to re-open the ability for people to leave comments to my posts. This is really just an experiment as if it results in abusive comments that I have to start editing, then I will stop it, as I really don't have the time for that. Also, if it means that I myself end up wasting too much time constantly checking whether people have left comments, then I'll probably remove the feature as I don't have time for that either LOL.

Anyway, this may be a bit random, but here are a couple of questions which someone out there might be able to help with:

1. Is it just me or is the quality of computer keyboards going down, and why is this (cost-cutting?).

2. This is probably more aimed at UK residents: have any of you noticed that breakfast waffles aren't the same these days as they used to be? I mean they are totally different, and its quite hard to describe how. I think the old style ones were more savory whilst the new ones are really sweet tasting (too sweet if you ask me). Does anyone know where I can get the old style ones?


Outcast Superstar said...

Hi Darren

I don't have the answer to your questions but I think its a great idea to enable comments on this blog.

On my blog, I would estimate over 95% of the comments people make get to be published. I only delete maybe one out of 20-25 comments my readers make.

I wouldn't let a small minority ruin it for the vast majority.

There is no reason why you have to spend time editing comments. If you see a comment which is abusive, you can simply delete and move on.

Also, I have comment moderation turned on, so no comments become visible until I get to preview them first so I don't have to go to different threads trying to see if new comments have been published.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that, I'll see how it goes.

Unknown said...

Maybe keyboard are more a fashion thing these days, like cell phones, so quality isnt a priority when making them.

About waffles. Low fat in food is somehow a trend (which I think will die fast), so if customers have waffles that is high in fat they will feel guilty cause they feel they are getting insta-fat lol. They dont think or care that all the sugar is making them more likely to get cancer

Anonymous said...

I think you're right about the keyboards. My first computer had a 'board that would have served handily as a weapon in the event I needfed to rob a liquor store.

Buy a waffle maker; they're not all that expensive, and home made waffles are approximately 2 bajillion times better than anything that enters your home in a cardboard container. This is a conservative estimate, as I loathe hyperbole more than a leprous masseuse.

Anonymous said...

Waffle maker? Now thats an interesting idea.

lucia vega said...
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lucia vega said...

hi darren i think its better with comments on

Anonymous said...

I think your question about keyboards is true of computers in general. Ten years ago, a computer would last for decades. My last two computers lasted 2.5 and 1 year(s) respectively. I think a lot of the reason we have seen drop in price for computers in the last ten years is the direct result of a drop in quality.

Anonymous said...

On the keyboard question. Just a thought, but old computers (think C64 era) had all of the components built into the keboard itself. This chunky fashion would have continued in the keyboards following the development of desktop pcs. But as there was no longer a need to build sturdy chunky keyboards, the present style came about. Resulting in the lightweight paper-thin keyboards we have today.

moonreft said...

Bought a backglow-light keyboard for $120 at my local Fry's last year and it lasted about 4 months. I play alot of MMO's late at night so it was good to have the extra light. Well since it broke I went back to a warn-off dull kwyboard that was collecting dust. It's been a solid year and I refuse to toss down another 120.

(When anyone else uses my computer I laugh when they cant find the letters to type, AWDS are blank as can be)

Anonymous said...

Re keyboards: obviously yes. How else can you make profit on a USD/EUR 500 all-in computer?

The answer: outfits like