Friday, May 11, 2007

Do women find stabbing men amusing?

On December 1, 1996, Lee Harvey, 25, was stabbed 42 times in a frenzied knife attack. His girlfriend Tracie Andrews, 27, claimed he was the victim of a road-rage incident. She even appeared at a Press conference with Lee's family in an emotional appeal for witnesses. But it soon became clear that Tracie herself was the killer.

What does our society think about stabbing men?

Its funny!!

Take a look at this:

Notice that its not supposed to be some abstract figure (which itself would be bad enough), but its specifically called the 'All men are bastards' knife block. The above image was taken from the site (and I can assure you I most definitely don't).

This is how the women's technology website 'GizmoDiva' describes the product:

"Gear up women; we have a kitchen product which is going to blow the wits out of your man! If you've got some aggression to vent out and besides needing a place to store your kitchen knives this creation is just for you. All Men Are Bastards knife block is sculpted into the shape of a male which, depending upon the order of insertion becomes the recipient of a torturous overkill. .. The only color it comes in, in fact, appears to be blood red. It is the perfect gift for men-hating women to either give themselves or the object of their scorn…..and all for only $ 114.5 (£59.95). Sorry guys, we don’t want to hurt your sentiments…we are just posting something we found so damn amusingly ghoulish."


Anonymous said...

This is a lighthearted joke, an innocent gambol through the linen-scented Femi-funny country side, all in the midst of butterflies and Bliss!

But women are abused and demeaned by pornography which they agree to appear in.

Muck the fatriarchy!

Anonymous said...

I just wonder when women are gonna grow up and move beyond misandry as empowerment,or as sport.I`m still disturbed at how pervasive this problem is,and it seems to be only getting worse.I had to transfer from two different campuses,just because the misandry was so bad.Come on gentlemen,enough is enough,we have to band together and stop this crap.As for this knife block,I know the attempt by the manufacturer was to create the illusion that it was some abstract figure or one that represented either sex,but its clearly directed at a misandrist market.Sadly,there are some who like to exploit this man-hating culture of ours to make a buck,regardless of whether they themselves hate men or not.