Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Low self-esteem

If you read up on the original literature on self-esteem, it says that what creates high self-esteem is when you act in way that you would find admirable if another person acted that way. Now, notice how these days many women are always complaining they have low self esteem, as though it were the fault of others. But its actually their own fault; its their own behaviour.

Whenever you hear some woman say "I'm suffering from low self esteem", what it actually means is "I don't genuinely feel proud of myself and my actions".

Might something even be playing on their conscience?

The thing is that even if you behave in a bad way when no-one is watching, or when you think no-one will find out, YOU still know that you behaved that way, and deep down it will affect how you feel about yourself.


Anonymous said...

What annoys me is how low self-esteem is portrayed as something that only affects females.I never even hear a passing mention of low self-esteem affecting men or boys,even though the reality is that low self-esteem is much more common in young men today.This is the kind of bias that the general public is deluged with daily.People are made to believe that no one suffers like females do,but the legitimate statistics(not the false fem ones)clearly show that its males who are being overlooked,neglected and shortchanged in many areas.

Anonymous said...

I have seen loads of male low self esteem in many of the postings in this web site.

That is reflected in their attitudes towards women, who reject these losers.

Anonymous said...

As a young man/boy of low self esteem I must say thank you. But the fact is that one's self esteem is affected by their actions and what they think others will think of them (at least in my case). The problem is the recognition factor, the way that men see women is quite apparent even to the so-called "low self esteem 3 yr. olds" but there is a greater hurdle to jump for men.

As a guy I can tell you that we all have 'winning' streaks and low points and much of a guy's self esteem is taken from his value to women. Some know more or look better than others but how are we supposed to know? Just looking for some compassion, sorry for ranting.

Sad teen =)

Anonymous said...

as a person, my self esteem is truly measured not by what others think of me, but what i think of my self... correct?

if that's the case, then why do people have "low self esteem"? honestly, when you think about it... we all are full of ourselves to a point, that makes us feel better... and if the definition of self esteem i have is true, then noone should ever have to worry about anything except what they think of themselves... as long as your self esteem is up, you don't need to care what others think...