Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Worshipping the weather: Part 2

Global warming is a scam

As I've pointed out before, today's socialists/feminists have a lot in common with Pagans. One of the similarities being that they now worship the Earth. The basic idea is that man has sinned (through creating civilisation) and therefore the Earth is going to punish him by unleashing unpleasant weather. Okay, they don't frame it in those exact words, but that's pretty much what it boils down to. They present it in seemingly scientific terms, mainly by complicated computer models that are supposed to be able to predict weather patterns decades in advance. Needless to say that such models have not yet proven themselves, but please don't let that stop the lefties from once again attacking Western white male civilisation and taxing us even harder.

It astonishes me that some of the men who can see how the feminist and socialist organisations (like the UN and much of the media) operate in distorting the facts in order to play to a particular agenda, fail to see the same scam going on with global warming. Equally, many men with a scientific education are also duped. Excuse me, but since when was scientific truth decided by a 'consensus'? This is female-thinking. Something doesn't become more true because more people vote for it. Things are true in science because facts and evidence is presented and everyone is free to test and examine those facts. Yet recently the Guardian newspaper claimed that a UN report on global warming means that debate is over on this issue. Whenever anyone dares to question global warming they are met with hysteria, they get called names, and if this is anything to go by, they are now going to be compared to holocaust deniers and conspiracy theorists.

This is not how I was taught that science works. And until I see good evidence that man-made global warming is real, and that its going to significantly change the planet, then I remain an extreme skeptic. Not only is there no strong evidence, but I can see the means, motive and opportunity of the nexus of socialists, environmentalists, scientists, governments and UN in promoting this idea. It all boils down to money and control. The oldest trick in history: scare people and you can control them, and tax them. Even better if you can scare them whilst they are still young and their critical thinking skills haven't fully developed yet. And you can bet your Granny that the UN and governments are going to make damn sure that funding is pumped into 'educating' children about global warming until they are able to reel off all the correct sound-bites on it automatically. All those little boys in the female-run schools who are already supposed to hang their heads in shame as the teachers tell them how their history is one of oppressing women, will now be beaten over the head with being responsible for global warming. "Yes boys, it was the white men who sinned. It was your love of the motor-car, the truck and the factory that has destroyed our climate. And now mother-Earth is in so much pain, oh hear her weep! Yet she's a bitch when she wants to be, and she WILL get her revenge on you men. Yes, she will wipe us you the planet unless we pay more taxes!"

Well, the eight-year olds might accept that unquestioningly, but I won't.

And if enough scientists had the guts to come forward and question global warming to the point that the public started to disbelieve it, do you REALLY think that the governments would put their hands up and say "Sorry guys! We got that one wrong! We'll of course be re-funding you all the extra tax monies that we took from you over this issue."

Good reference source on skepticism on man-made global warming (PDF) I strongly urge you all to at least skim read through this.

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