Friday, February 09, 2007

Feminism and body image

Feminism has brought the relationship between the sexes to an all time low. One of the consequences of feminism's banning of mentioning the real differences between the sexes is that a lot of young people today are growing up with totally unrealistic expectations of themselves and members of the opposite sex. Essentially they are growing up with a model in their minds that theres basically no difference between men and women, other than the obviously physical ones. This causes a lot of confusion and messed up behaviour in the youth.

Feminism hasn't - on the whole - been able to deny the physical differences between the sexes, as these are obvious to see (its easier to deny the mental and personality differences). So basically the differences between the bodies of men and women has become the only acceptable form of sex difference to portray in the media and in public. You are allowed to show men and women as having different bodies, but you aren't allowed to show men and women having - on average - different interests in life, or different levels and types of intelligence (unless you are doing so in a way which puts men down).

Now, here is an important point: because body differences are the only acceptable way of communicating differences between the sexes, they have been given a lot more attention ever since the rise of feminism. Starting in the 1980s, male movie stars became far more muscular, and women today seem to pay far more attention to their looks and weight than they did 30 years ago.

Even if young people are confused about the mental differences between the sexes, they mostly instinctively know that to appear attractive to the opposite sex, they should enhance their masculine traits (if they are male) or their feminine traits (if they are female). The problem is that politically correct society has blocked women from appearing feminine in their behaviour, and has taken away most of the uniqueness of masculine 'roles' from men by giving them to women.

Is it therefore any surprise that many young people are now paying FAR too much attention to the way their bodies look? Research has shown that many young women over-exagerate how important slimness is to appearing attractive to men, and many young men over-exagerate how important large muscles are to appearing attractive to women. This is why eating disorders and body image disorders have risen so much, even amongst boys. Just another fantastic benefit brought to you by feminism.

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