Friday, January 12, 2007

Trouble brewing in the UK

This may not be of much interest to my non-UK readers. Sorry about that, you may like to go and read another article or have a nap while I get this off my chest...

Okay, to all those in the UK: is it just me or do you feel some kind of crisis looming? A lot of different problems seem to be gradually heating up from a light simmer to a bubbling boil. For example:

House prices reaching unreasonable heights, either preventing younger people getting onto the property ladder, or forcing them to take on cripplingly large mortgages just for a very basic property.

Too many people taking on too much consumer debt.

Huge increases in the cost of living, such as the cost of utilities.

Ever increasing taxation on all areas of our lives, yet little noticable improvement in our public services. Indeed the health service seems to be in a perpetual state of near collapse, and most people now have a real fear of ever being admitted into hospital lest they contract one of the virulent 'super-bugs' that are rife within them.

Increasing cost and unpleasantness of travel. Extremely expensive petrol.

The growing appetite of government and power elites trying to increase and consolidate their power over us, as though the whole country were a sort of farm, and we are the animals, here merely to be milked and culled for the benefit of our masters. Within the next decade I think the Government are going to try to enforce their power over us as never before. We will be forced to buy expensive satalitte tracking equipment for our cars, for the pleasure of being tracked and charged per-mile that we drive, more laws are being introduced to reduce our freedom, we're going to be forced to shoulder an ever-increasing tax burden, and so on. At least I think that is the plan. There may be enough people who become unhappy about this to rebel and halt some of these developments. I hope so.

Overall, whilst I can't make a rock-solid analysis of these trends, in the manner of an economist, for example, I just have a growing feeling that this situation is unsustainable, and the lines of these trends are converging towards some kind of crisis point where realities will have to be faced.

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