Sunday, January 07, 2007

More equal opportunities nonsense

Any woman, it seems, will do, in order to fulfil the EOC’s dream of a country where people possessed of fallopian tubes and a limited sense of spatial awareness do 51% of absolutely everything, regardless of their desire to so do or, indeed, their abilities.

Strangely, this digital version of the article doesn't credit the author, but I happen to know it was Rod Liddle, as I originally saw it in the print version of the Times this morning.

This article from the same paper, on the same story, but by a female writer was more prominently linked to on the Times' website today:

Yes, it’s wrong that women get 17% less than their male counterparts..

Actually, its wrong for journalists who should know better to keep repeating the old, discredited concept that women are paid less than men for the same work. Of course, these women (and sometimes men) are just trying to Sh*t-stir; they almost certainly know that they are misrepresenting the facts. After all, do they really imagine that the senior board-members of 'The Patriarchy' (TM) meet yearly in some cigar-smoke-filled, wood-panelled room in the city of London and yet again plan to throw billions and billions of pounds of profit away by paying men 17% more than women for doing EXACTLY the same work? "My God Smithers," one can imagine the head honcho yelling, "we cannot afford to put profits ahead of our plans to systematically favor and empower men ahead of women around the globe!"

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