Monday, November 13, 2006

Worshiping the weather

Its been remarked before that religions have their origins in man's attempts to converse with the weather. Its also been remarked that when people stop believing in God, they'll believe in anything. I think the global warming phenomenon is an example of these two ideas merging: people have stopped believing in traditional religion, but something has to fill the void in their minds, and that something ends up being pretty close to paganism.

People have gone back to worshipping and fearing the weather!

If you've been living in a cave in the middle of nowhere for the last decade (yes, that includes you Mr Bin Laden) then heres a brief summary of global warming:

Once upon a time there existed an ideal, peaceful state on Planet Earth. This state was "Natural", "unspoilt", and "balanced". In fact, you might call this idylic state Eden. Then man came along, and sinned. His sin was the hubris of progress, machines, industry, mechanised production and so on. And now Mother nature (AKA the weather) is going to punnish him for these sins, and we can only placate her by making certain sacrifices (putting extra government taxes on things that the upper middle classes enjoy most, for example).

Sounds like we've just swapped one religion for another, doesn't it?

Another reason why we should be skeptical of the Global Warming cult is given by Mangan's Miscellany: As a global warming skeptic, I find that attempts to make a case for man-made climate change have a lot less to do with science than with a global bureaucracy desiring to take control.

We've become like Chicken Little, convinced that the sky is about to fall in!

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