Thursday, August 24, 2006

Forbes magazine: 'Don't marry career women'

Astonishingly, the website of Forbes magazine recently published an article, full of facts and figures, by Michael Noer entitled 'Don't marry career women'. Within a day the original layout of the article was taken down and it was squeezed next to a personal rant from a female member of the Forbes staff,a Ms Corcoran.

Ms Corcoran swung into action like one of those agents in the Matrix who comes in to deal with any Human who has understood too much for their own good. I would not be in the least surprised if Mr Noer is now being taken away for 're-education'. And I mean that seriously. He'll probably come out with some statement (akin to those produced by brain-washed hostages) saying how he is so sorry that he wrote the article, and he doesn't know what he was thinking, and he regrets it now. Then it will be announced that hes been sent on some kind of 'gender awareness' course.

Nevertheless, one must admire the audacity of this man to write the peice in the first place. How did it ever get online? Was the editor away ill that day? In the future, whole books will probably be written on this incident! lol Luckily I took a screen-shot of the original article, which I will upload to my site at some point.

Ms Corcoran's 'rebuttal' was nothing more than a personal rant with no facts or understanding of broad statistical trends. Female journalists have been getting away with this kind of subjective drivel for years; in effect dominating the whole arena of sexual debate, purely with their own feelings.

The ultimate irony here is that feminists and their career-women sisters like Ms Corcoran have invested YEARS in attacking marriage and in presenting careers and independence for women as the alternative. Now that someone stands up and points out that there is an incompatibility between career women and marriage, they become infuriated.

Seems they are basically saying: "Look, we want the right to force you men to change, we want the right to divorce you and ruin your lives, but we DON'T want you forewarned about it."

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mezzrowjr said...

Amazing. I just saw the same post at was made at PC Watch the article mentioned was also posted at Boing Boing but apparently the blogger there got so many complaints he took it down.
Please repost this article in it's entirety. Thanks and keep up the good work.